What Music Helps You Get Things Done?

What Music Helps You Get Things Done?

Music is a personal choice, but most of us can’t really sort emails to Slayer or hit tight deadlines with ambient drones. When you need to get things done, relax, or get creative, what tunes do you turn

Gina’s previously recommended Groove Salad as a go-to productivity station, and our readers have suggested their best study tracks. We all work different aspects of our job at different times, though, so we’re looking to find out what soundtracks work best for your various states of mind.

Get Productive to Groove Salad
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What do you turn on when it’s time to crank out product? What artists, albums, or feeds help you get creative, eliminate distractions, or put you in a better mood? Drop your ideas in the comments, and we’ll be reading closely for tips on a later bit of research.

Author Kevin Purdy
The music that works best for me at the office tends to vary depending on my personal mood and where I’m working. If I’m at the office where my personal laptop sits behind me, I tend to listen to more upbeat, dance-y, rock-y tunes, most specifically at some sites like TheSixtyOne ([www.thesixtyone.com]) or the FreeFall Radio podcasts from KUSF ([www.freefallradio.com]) or I’ll just find some nice long mixes to listen to. Traditionally my work-related tunes need to be riding and driving – so electronica, rock, atmospheric, even some hip-hop can keep me going through the day.

If I’m working from home where I can keep my laptop in view, I may fire up some video podcasts and work while watching – I’ve found the video doesn’t really keep me from being productive and still serves as just the right amount of background noise.

I try to listen to audio podcasts at the office, but inevitably the cacophony of voices gets to me after a while and becomes more of a distraction than an encouragement. Doesn’t keep me from trying sometimes when I get backlogged on podcasts to listen to. πŸ˜‰


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