Parrellala 16 core mighty mack: YouTube Presentation

Back in the late 70’s, I had the warmest jacket in a pretty small package.  I overheated when playing outside  in St. Louis when we used to get snow storms where snow would stick till it was ice.  That jacket was amazing.

Not cool like the ski jacket with the detachable sleeves.  I outgrew that jacket and I got the horrible ski jacket because that was what everyone was wearing including a really cool cute music teacher who gave me on peck on the cheek when she left the school, because she was getting married… but I am getting off subject, I was only a third grader that wanted the cool looking jacket, instead of the Mighty Mack, faux fur or whatever lined WARM jacket.  It was fur like, bright orange… no animal was deskinned for lining PETA.

First lesson in dressing warm is only achieved as a child freezing and playing outside.  Mighty Mack did the job, in a small package, small because I outgrew it… work with me.

That is what I think about when playing with Raspberry Pi 2.  Mighty Mack.  Not as cool as the cult of Apple laptops that everyone of the owners shelling out hard earned money  for excellent hardware so that a small amount of techies can virtualize windows or a true linux distro to get the programs that they need because it is not available in OSX or awesome ultra books (much better priced) that can run Linux or Windows 10 (personal fan)… or the MS surface line (big fan).  Love that wacom pen.

Love that pen and detachable keyboard.  I picked up a nice priced used one on Ebay and love it. Hardware is cool… Server side, I love the Cisco UCS blade server.  It is an excellent system, but like all the devices that I mentioned… they are expensive.  The price of living goes up, consumer goods go up (thank God for used and refurbished).  Enter the age of small, cheap “IOT”… One D away from another word.  I do hope that Windows 10 IOT progresses into something.

Back to the new era… The original Raspberry Pi, but the specs were unimpressive.  Enter Raspberry Pi 2… now we are talking.  So looking through alternative devices, Banana and similar devices.

What can the other device in the same genre of Raspberry Pi do?  I stumbled on adevice looking at Beowolf and Raspberry Pi Clusters on YouTube.

The video said something like “mini super computer”… have a look at the end of this post or read on a watch at the end.

Core $99 device

Can’t think of a work or personal use for this kind of number crunching (now)… in my immediate world, I don’t mine Bitcoin (power consumption + GPU + processor – no time = not that interested).

Perhaps we need to worry the security aspect.  It is a very small device that can be hidden easily in a wifi environment let alone an open port without the security measures in place.

Moore’s Law… interesting angle in the video… I believe that we can keep pushing before what the speaker is saying that we are reaching the limits before switching to parallel computing.  Not that I disagree that this is infinite, but it is still progressing.  The first time I learned of Moore’s Law was in 1994.

I have read several articles on reaching the limits through the years, then we make another break through.

Not to say that parallel is a great cost / energy way of computing… hence multi processors and multi cores injecting steroids into the thought that we as a technology community was encroaching on limits, only to see AMD and Intel do some pretty amazing things with multiprocessors and multi-cores there after.

All in all, this is an awesome project.  Amazing cost and energy consumption.  The only thing is technology corporate world influence and if they can make a buck on a cheap solution running an open source os.

Then again, Raspberry Pi did an amazing thing.  It kicked down the door on a cheap device, that has many personal and corporate uses.  Heck, I am kicking the tires on thin client based on the Pi that would kick the price of previous thin clients that I have implemented.  If only I were in the call center environment that I used to work on with this technology.  This is why technology is my hobby and I enjoy my technical day job.


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